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Narek Van Ashughatoyan Collection

Narek Van Ashughatoyan

Narek Van Ashughatoyan was born in 1985 in Yerevan. One day, while searching Armenian handmade fragments, Narek Van Ashughatoyan found out about one of the Armenian national arts’ spheres called embroidery. Those samples were transferred from his grandfather Hovhannes Sharambeyan to his mother, Anush, as a heritage. A couple of them went through migration in Genocide years. According to the collector, these and many other handmade fragments’ salvation talk about our nation’s numerous sacred and unique features. Even at the fatal times, Armenian migrators took with them embroidery samples as proof of spiritual and cultural memory. Like this, in the past two years, Narek Van Ashughatoyan bought and collected Armenian embroidery samples, which are exclusive by their type and passed path. The embroideries are mainly purchased outside Armenia from various auctions and galleries. The collection consists of blankets, towels, ritual belts, envelopes, etc., which were made in Van, Mush, Kayseri, New Julfa, Shushi, Karin-Akhaltsikhe in 18th-19th centuries. The collection presents Armenian embroidery with its ecclesiastical, urban, and rural types. A lot of them belong to embroidery’s different schools, have chromatic and technical original solutions, and present aesthetic high value.