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Albert Hakobyan Collection

Albert Hakobyan

Albert Hakobyan’s simple lifestyle is the result of the merging of reality and his intellectual reflection. His works are surely fed from deep poetic searches. The artist is sensitive to the surrounding world, which becomes a complete and inexhaustible source for his artistic meditations. Communication with Albert is easy. His appearance does not correspond to the inner fire, the vibration of his soul, and his subtle attitude toward the phenomena of life. However, he also announces: “I am the inventor of the bicycle. I invented a bicycle – my bike. It does not matter that bicycle already exists for several hundred years, the most important is the pleasure of invention.
Nothing can be said about painting, painting cannot be separated from life. Drawing is a lifestyle, an existence. There is no difference between drawing, sleeping, loving or travelling. Every act requires great responsibility and superfluous freedom. Nothing is essential and nothing is secondary. Everything has equal value and is independent in its own way.
A line is never a color border.
Only ABSOLUTE exists and the only problem is not to restrict the ABSOLUTE.”