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Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. We create silk, wool, cashmere scarves, ties and pocket squares based on Armenian artists’ paintings and collages. One scarf takes a full two months to complete, making it an exquisitely crafted accessory. With the help of beautiful and unique scarves, you will be given a chance to discover exquisite artifacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from medieval times to modern abstractionism.
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The "Peace" collection stands as a testament to the world's current need for harmony and serenity. Each scarf within this remarkable series serves as a narrative thread, intricately woven to continue the story of a goddess unparalleled by any mythology. This ethereal figure resides within her temple nestled on the mountainside, where the meandering streams converge. Here, the tears of joy shed by doves blend seamlessly with the crystalline waters, holding the key to resolution for all conflicts.


The silk scarf collection "Royal" is a mesmerizing fusion of artistic brilliance crafted through the collaborative genius of Artuyt and Christina Mkrtchyan. This exceptional collection beautifully marries heritage and spirituality by harmoniously blending five distinct themes that bridge the gap between ancient Armenian deities and Christianity. Each scarf in the collection serves as a masterpiece that artfully weaves together intricate designs, rich colors, and symbolic motifs.
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Gayane Khachaturian

Gayane Khachaturian's works stand out for their restrained, cryptic colors, interwoven with vivid and comprehensive color palettes that turn the canvas into a poetic mural and fairy-tale scene.



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